I Can’t Wait to Do It Again

I’m not a regular volunteer, though I’d love to be. As a matter of fact, I definitely could and should be more proactive. I haven’t volunteered in years for 9to5, an organization that I adore. This year I decided to participate in the 9to5 National Day of Action and get back into the groove of volunteering. Unfortunately, I cancelled twice with the library site that I had scheduled with to set up a table at and give out information about Paid Sick Days; never mind why the cancellations occurred, except to say that life gets in the way (and yes, I’m embarrassed about it). Still, I was determined to volunteer, and to support Paid Sick Days and 9to5. I finally made it to the site! I was extremely nervous because I haven’t done this in ages, and I don’t know everything about Paid Sick Days, but I convinced myself that I know enough to advocate its benefits.

It went extremely well, despite the fact that traffic wasn’t very high, and I started out really nervous, even stumbling over some of my sentences at times. Most people were extremely supportive, friendly, and polite, and yes, some were argumentative! I even had a stroke of good luck. There was a giant sign in the library foyer with the Mayor’s picture on it and I had to set my table right next to it. There was no other place for it. People assumed I was with the Mayor’s office, and some stopped to listen because of it (yes, I told them I was not with the Mayor’s office).

It was fantastic to spread the word, and to finally volunteer again for 9to5. It was also empowering to motivate others to support Paid Sick Days, and it felt great for people to ask for more information about 9to5. I can’t wait to do it again, no matter the obstacles. Even though I’m not a consistent volunteer, I had some great moments and still managed to help get the word out! Thanks 9to5!



Yolanda Bucio from Houston Texas and a 9to5 Action Network Activist

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