Congratulations to our new 9to5 California Statewide Board!

Exciting news! 9to5 Los Angeles and 9to5 San Jose have combined forces into one statewide chapter: 9to5 California!

We’ll still have offices in both cities, and will continue our local campaigns to fight wage theft and make housing accessible to all. We’ll also keep building power across California to tackle issues like unequal pay, sexual harassment, and a safety net that truly supports families in need.

As part of this process, we have elected a statewide board to set policy for the chapter, help carry out chapter activities, and represent 9to5 in the community.

We are excited to introduce our 9to5 California Board Members:

Christina DeHaro, Stockton — “I’ve been a member of 9to5 since 2004. Over the years, I’ve worked on 9to5 San Jose’s campaigns, engaging with the community, and helping to build and mobilize volunteers. I’ve worked with the disability caucus to educate workers on their rights and helped 9to5 establish a relationship with CalWORKs staff. ”

Cathy Deppe, Los Angeles — “I have been a member of 9to5 since 1994, first serving as Secretary of the Boston Chapter, and after moving to California have helped develop chapters in San Jose and Los Angeles. Given the current housing crisis, I am currently focused on winning rent control in Inglewood, CA in order to bring women’s voices to the table and keep building our movement. There is much more work to do in support of women’s struggle for economic justice. As long as we can continue to organize the unorganized to reach this goal, I want to be part of the best vehicle I have found for winning it.”

Joan Goddard, San Jose — “As part of the leadership team of the San Jose chapter, my focus for some years has been on the women’s wage gap and ways that 9to5 and other organizations and individuals can work to raise public awareness, etc. I have also represented our chapter with the Santa Clara County Wage Theft Coalition, along with Daislyn Pease.

Martha Israel, San Jose — “I have volunteered for 9to5 for the past nine years, and I have been on the Los Angeles board as treasurer for the past eight years. By being a dedicated volunteer of 9to5, I have helped contribute and witness policies that have been changed and have also witnessed winning campaigns for working women. I hope to continue to be a part of 9to5’s California family friendly policies to help working women receive justice and economic growth in the work place and at home.”

Ditravia Pagan, Los Angeles — “I started my internship for school at 9to5, Los Angeles chapter, in 2014. I was an intern then became a board member in between 2014 and 2016. I have been away from the chapter to focus on my career but have now since realize that it is time to return to focus on the issues that mean something to me. 9to5 has given me the opportunity and resources to make a difference in my community.”

Daislyn Pease, San Jose — “I’ve been a member of 9to5 for several years now. Rights for women are very important in my mind. I’ve served as San Jose Chapter Co-Chair, Representative to 9to5’s National Board, and helped with wage theft issues, led meetings, gone on marches, and much more.”

Karla Salazar, Los Angeles — “I believe in 9to5’s mission and advocacy in Los Angeles and across California. I admire the Los Angeles chapter because they are always involved in innovative policy and local social movements. My background and work in the community has been within various labor unions, the California Democratic Party and electing progressive women to office. I hope to share my expertise, knowledge and passion with the 9to5 California Board.”

Congratulations to the Board of 9to5 California!

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