Letter to the Editor: Next Steps for Minimum Wage in Rhode Island

As a member of 9to5, I believe the next steps for Rhode Island should be to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers (currently only $2.89 per hour) and index the state minimum wage to inflation. Both of these provisions were on the table, but were stripped from the legislation passed in 2013.

Letter to the Editor: Vote for the Candidate Who Supports YOU!

As a 9to5 member and a single woman struggling to support myself, I know what I look for in a candidate. Living wages and family-friendly workplace policies are political issues that affect the lives of real people. I vote for candidates who support policies that help working women like me.

Are you kidding me? Paid Family Leave is Not for Everyone?!

Growing up in California, where we have access to Paid Family Leave, I didn’t realize that many people could not take paid time off work for a loved one’s serious injury or illness. I now see how blessed my family was to have paid family leave and not worry about losing their jobs or their paycheck.