Minimum Wage: I work two part-time jobs to survive

I work two part-time jobs. I have student loan debt that I fear I will never be able to pay off. I can’t save for my future retirement, much less put money aside for an emergency. I stay with my parents who don’t charge me rent or expect money for groceries. Some weeks I work 50 hours or more.

Letter to the Editor: The need for mandated paid family leave

9to5 Action Network member Judy from Rhode Island speaks up about the FAMILY Act on Women’s Equality Day: “If you have a story to tell, a job lost, for instance, because you had no access to time off when needed to care for your health, a new baby, or a sick loved one, please let your legislators know!”

Reform to Overtime Regulations Essential for Millions of Workers Like Jennette

It’s a story more common than we might think.

Jennette Wilfong, a Missouri 9to5 member, worked in a group home for adults with developmental disabilities. She worked 50-60 hours a week, and was on call 24/7 Monday to Friday, as well as some weekends and holidays.