Action Alert: Colorado Families Need Affordable Transit

Photo credit: Bradley Gordon

RTD’s public transit system has the potential to provide women and their families with access to jobs, education, medical care, healthy foods, and support services, especially as it expands through the Denver Metro Area. Unfortunately, the cost of riding light rail and buses has been keeping the people that need them the most off of RTD vehicles.

9to5 has been talking with community members that live along the newly opened W Line. Of the 400 people we spoke with, almost 80% of respondents could not afford to purchase a bus pass at the current cost of $80 to $140 a month. Less than 20% of residents received assistance in accessing a pass from an employer, school, or assistance program.

Monique, a single mother living blocks from a light rail station, works at a hospital that stopped providing passes to employees. She told 9to5 that covering the high cost of transportation without assistance has made it hard to provide for her family. Because she cannot afford a bus pass, she now drives to work every day because the gas is less expensive.

As RTD’s light rail system grows, 9to5 Colorado is calling for opportunity for working families and low-wage earners to expand as well.

Join us in our campaign for an income based EcoPass! Click here to sign our petition to the RTD Board today.

If you have a story to share about how affordable transit would benefit you or your family, please contact Zoe Williams at zoe@9to5.org or 303-628-0925.

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