9to5ers March to Demand Gender and Economic Justice!

On Saturday, January 21st millions around the globe took to the streets in a historic demonstration of the determination of women and all people to push for justice and equity. 9to5 members across the nation were among those crowds putting forth the need for equality in the work place and broader economic justice. Committed activists and 9to5 California members were present among the empowered crowds that marched in cities across the state.


Women's March SF

“I went to not only support the rights of women but to be apart of something that I knew would make a mark in history.  The LA march was huge and I am happy it stayed peaceful.” – Ditravia, 9to5 California member


Women's March San Fran



womens march San Fran  Womens march SF

(Left: 9to5 California member Christine Dickson. Center & Right: protesters marching in streets demonstrating women’s organizing power).


“To inaugurate means to ‘begin or introduce a system, policy or period.’ While resistance is defined as ‘the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument, and the ability not to be affected by something, especially adversely.’ At the event in San Francisco, it was clear that over 60,000 of us and nearly 5 million worldwide began a movement today to prevent by action and argument a potentially dangerous government administration from adversely affecting us.” – Christine Dickson, 9to5 California member


“This march made me hopeful that more people can come together and make change for the better.  It made me want to continue to enlightened people of the change that has to take place for not only women but for everyone.”

Ditravia, 9to5 California member

* Photo credit: Christine Dickson, 9to5 California member

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